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Stone County Circuit Court


Mechelee Lebow

Circuit Clerk


Alan Blankenship

Associate Circuit Judge


Mark Stephens

Associate Circuit Judge


Phone: (417) 357-6114 or 6115

Fax: (417) 357-6163


Located on the 2nd floor of the Stone County Law Enforcement Center


Post Office Box 18

Suite F

110 South Maple

Galena, MO 65656


Jack A. L. Goodman

Circuit Judge


P.O. Box 364

Monett. MO 65708-0364

Phone: (417) 235-8500

Fax: (417) 235-8502

email: mariah.rapp@courts.mo.gov


Operating Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 4:00pm

Closed on all State and Federal holidays

Alan Blankenship was elected to the office of Associate Circuit Judge in 2002


Mark Stephens was elected to the office of Associate Circuit Judge in 2008


Jack A. L. Goodmanwas elected to the office of Circuit Judge in 2012.


Deborah J. Scobee was elected November 2, 2010 to the office of Circuit Clerk.


The Circuit Clerk's Office is responsible for maintaining complete and accurate records of the court, collecting, accounting for and disbursing monies paid into the court and perform other duties necessary to assist the court in performing its duties. The office is also responsible for jury management.


The office went live on Casenet on November 15, 2005. Fingertip access to all Stone County cases is now available just by visiting http//www.courts.mo.gov.

Deborah J. Scobee

Circuit Clerk

(417) 357-3076

email: DeborahJean.Scobee@courts.mo.gov

Civil and Domestic Relations Division

Filing and processing civil and small claims petitions, issuing summonses, subpoenas, execution/ garnishments, transcript of judgments, protection orders, administrative orders and mechanic



Criminal Division

Filing and processing traffic, water patrol, and conservation tickets. File and process misdemeanors and felonies.

Probate Division

Filing and processing all probate matters: adult guardianship/ conservatorship, minor guardianship/ conservatorship, decedents estates, creditor refusals, spouse refusals, determination of heirship,

and 96 hours-mental and drug orders


Juvenile Division

Filing and processing of abuse/neglect, delinquency, paternity and adoption cases.


Drug Court

This program is being implemented throughout the county utilizing strict supervision, counseling and treatment as a method to reduce drug related crimes and addictions.


Civil Division Deputy Clerks


Cheryl Tittsworth (417) 357-3083

  • Office Supervisor

  • Civil Division Chief Deputy Clerk/Co-Supervisor

  • Child Support

  • Juvenile and Paternity

  • Jury Selection and Maintenance

  • Juvenile Drug Court Case/File Manager


Mechelee Lebow (417) 357-3079

  • Division I Civil Filings

  • Transcript of Judgments

  • Mechanic's liens

Nancy Harmon (417) 357-3045

  • Associate Civil Cases

  • Small Claims

  • Transcript of Judgments

  • Adult and Child Protection Orders

  • Probate


Brenda Henry (417) 357-3085

  • Dissolutions

  • Adult and Child Protection Orders

  • Administrative Orders

  • Family Access Motions


Civil Filing Fees:


Small Claims - $38.50

Div II Filings - $51.50

Div I Filings - $103.50


Criminal Division Clerks

Robbie Lakins (417) 357-3078

  • Criminal Supervisor

  • Traffic, Water Patrol, and Conservation Tickets

  • Division I Filings and Dispositions

  • Division II Criminal Filings and Dispositions


Stacy Williams (417) 357-3094

  • Traffic Tickets

  • Division II Criminal Filings and Dispositions

  • Adult Drug Court Case File Manager

Dillon Kleier (417) 357-3088

  • Division II Criminal Filings and Dispositions

Casaundra Maier (417) 357-3074

  • Division II Criminal Filings and Dispositions

Beth Thompson (417) 357-3075

  • Division I Filings and Dispositions


Probate Division


Jenny Cunnyngham (417) 357-3077

  • Probate Filings

  • Jury Selection and Maintenance


Probate Cost Sheet -Revised 2018 (Effective 08-28-2018)

1.    File Will with Court - $6.50 (No charge to Banks)

 2.     Admit Will to Probate - 76.50 ( No Administration)

 3.     Affidavit to Establish Title - $76.50 (Small Estate -NO WILL)

 4.     Affidavit to Establish Title - $111.50 (Small Estate - WITH WILL)

 5.     Determination of Heirship - $76.50

 6.     Spousal Refusal of Letters - $71.50

 7.     Creditor Refusal of Letters - $71.50

 8.    Decedent Estate - Supervised or Independent

$156.50 without Will         $191.50 with Will

 Annual Fee $30.00              Closing Cost $35.00

 Inventory Fees:

$50,001 -$100,000 ($50.00)   

$100,001 - $150,000 ($100.00)

$150,001 - $200,000 ($150.00)  

$200,001 - $250,000 ($200.00)

$250,001 - $300,000 ($250.00)

$300,001 - $350,000 ($300.00)

$350,001 - $400,000 ($350.00)

$400,001 - $450,000 ($400.00)

$450.001 or more ($450.00)

 9.     Adult Guardian/Conservator - $116.50

 Annual Fee - $30.00 - Closing Cost - $35.00

 10.    Minor Guardian/Conservator - $201.50

 Annual Fee - $25.00 - Final Settlement $35.00 

11.   Special School Registration I Insurance Guardianship - $96.50 

12.    Register Trust - $81.50 

13.    Successor Trustee -(P3) - $81.50

14.    Authenticated Copy - $5.00

15.    Copies - $1.00 per page

16.    Certification - $1.75 per page





Judicial Center

Missouri Judiciary website


Website Offers Access to Court Cases

STONE COUNTY, MO - Anyone with Internet access can now view all public case information for Stone County Circuit Court, Divisions I, II, and III on the Missouri courts website, through a feature called

Case.net. This service began on November 15th, 2005.

We have worked hard to make the courts more

accessible to the people we serve. The Internet

is increasingly available at work, home, and in

public places, so this is one way to open the

courts to people.

The website service illustrates the practical

benefits of automation. People can avoid the time

and expense of a trip to court or a call to an

attorney, yet find out about cases. Plus, the

access makes court information available after

normal business hours, so you can get

information at your convenience.

Case.net works wonders for litigants who don't

live next door to the courthouse, and for media,

busy at their desks across the state reporting

the latest-breaking news. The service is useful

whether the case concerns you personally,

satisfies a need for information about or involves

an issue of law that affects your rights.

Case.net is available from the courts website at

www.courts.mo.gov. Records can be searched

in a variety of ways including Litigant Name,

Filing Date, Case Number, or Schedule Hearings

and Trials. Simply follow the directions on the

screen. The service will identify the parties,

attorneys, actions that have been taken and

documents that have been filed, among other facts.



Disaster Preparedness



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Area Resources

Stone County Commission

Attn: Henry Gebelin

P. O. Box 19, Galena, Mo. 65656

Telephone (417)357-8141 * Fax (417)357-3098


Stone County is an Equal Opportunity Employer



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